XLPE Insulated Heavy Duty Cables by Polycab

XLPE Cables
The XLPE insulated heavy duty cables were introduced worldwide in mid sixties. These cables have overcome the limitations of PVC Insulated Cables, such as thermal degradation, poor moisture resistant and thermoplastic in nature. The advantages of XLPE Insulated cables in comparision to those of PVC insulated cables are as under :-

(A) Technical Advantages:
• Higher current rating, higher short Circuit Rating. Approx. 1.2 times that of PVC.
• Thermosetting in nature.
• Higher insulation resistance – 1000 times more than PVC cables.
• Better Resistance to surge currents.
• Low Dielectric Losses.
• Better resistance to chemicals and corrosion.
• Longer service life.
• Comparatively higher cable operating temperature 90oC and short circuit temperature 250oC.

(B) Commercial Advantages :
• Lower laying cost because of comparatively smaller diameter of cable and lighter weight.*
• Requiring less size of cable trays / supports.
• One size lower cables can be used as compared to PVC insulated cable.